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White Lily Diner

I've been craving a trip to White Lily Diner since before it opened (circa December), so last week I was pretty excited by the opportunity to interview diner owners Ben and Ashley about their menu, brunch etiquette and how Toronto's... Continue Reading →

Freelance Fashion Fighter

Who says working from home isn't glam? Ok, it's totally not glam, especially in the winter when my weekly attire revolves around big sweaters, wool socks, and Harvey Woods long underwear. Yes, floating into work (or school) on a mattress used... Continue Reading →

Meanwhile, in Port Hope

PORT HOPE - A Port Hope retiree is mad on Madison thanks to the federal government's so-called Property Value Protection (PVP) program. John Floyd's waterfront lot was recently valued at $130,000 after exceedingly high levels of copper, lead, zinc, arsenic and... Continue Reading →

8-10 Degrassi Street

Where's that, you ask? It's bye bye blue skies, and hello fellow bachelors for me come 2018. I recently discovered a string of neighourhood emails about a proposed development project in my backyard! According to my email sources, Percy Ellis Holdings is... Continue Reading →

Convos with My Dog  

Ivan and I have been living together quite literally 24/seven for the past four-and-a-half years. We co-exist harmoniously, mostly, and speak in eye language, typically, but on rare occasions (about 15 or 20 times a day), I feel it's necessary to... Continue Reading →

Pedestrian Probs

There’s nothing like a sidewalk traffic jam to reinforce my sad realization that humans are far from civilized or evolved. We are rather dense, like an unopened jar of pickles (with arms and legs), when it comes to matters of... Continue Reading →

Boho (not hobo) bedding

Until now (thanks, Ebay), I hadn't really given much consideration to what my sleep style might say about me. Truthfully, if these sheets could talk, I'd swear them to share nothing with you, beyond my sweetest dreams. I'm lucky to... Continue Reading →

Centre of the Universe

What is The Local Rap? It's the title of a lifestyle blog that was supposed to be all about Port Hope food, fashion, and fun! It seemed to be the thing to do. Then I moved to Toronto. While I've aspired... Continue Reading →

Operation Affiliation

In my latest attempt to make more money as a writer, I have hired myself as an affiliate marketer for Ebay products. Wtf?? How did I not clue into this concept before?? I guess I was so busy trying to be the... Continue Reading →

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