Poor Michael Osborne

Michael Osborne: It is with sadness i’m writing this email to you. Sorry I didn’t inform you about my trip to Spain for a program. I’m presently in Zaragoza, Spain, unfortunately for me all my money along with my phone and bag where my passport and other valuable things were kept got stolen at gun point on my way to the hotel where I lodged, since then I have been without money, I am even owing the hotel here, so I want you to assist me with a loan of 2,950Euro to sort my hotel bills, go to the hospital because i was injured in my right kneel and to get myself back home. I will appreciate whatever and any amount you can afford to assist me with, I’ll refund the money back to you as soon as i get back home. I don’t have a phone where i can be reached, i only have limited access to internet here. Please let me know immediately if you can be of any help to my situation.


Michael Osborne

Karen Lloyd: Oh that’s terrible! How can I get some money to you?

Michael Osborne: Thanks for your response and for your concern towards my present situation, I also appreciate you accepting to help me. I made inquiry on how you can send me the money and I was told that via Western Union is the easiest and fastest way to send the money.
So here is the information you’ll need to send me the money.

Name: Michael Osborne
Address: Calle de San Pablo 10, Zaragoza
Zip code: 50003
Country: Spain

Once again, I am extremely thankful for your concern. Immediately you have the money sent to me, kindly help me scan a copy of the receipt given to you, or you write out the necessary details on the receipt and send it to me.
Please I will be waiting to hear from you as soon as possible..


Michael Osborne

Karen Lloyd: Michael, unfortunately I’m at a cottage right now. But I do have Internet access. Do you accept email money transfers? I can send a couple hundred. Hang tight! What brought you to Spain anyway? Were you selling your art?

Michael Osborne: Yes you can send it though email money transfer. I am in Spain for a program concerning my Art work.
Immediately you send me the money please help me send the receipt.
I will be waiting to hear back from you soon


Karen Lloyd: Hi Michael,

I’m about to send you $350 via email money transfer. In order for this to go through we need a common answer. In which province did we meet? Should be easy! Send me your answer, and that will be the password. Good luck getting out of your rut. Sounds incredibly horrible! I’ve been in contact with others to see what they can do to assist.

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