With a burning desire to write about Belgium chocolate, gypsy slums and civil wars, I lasted only two months in Labrador – a place never meant to be forever – just an out of the way rest on the road back home. 

According to experts, the survival of a newly planted tree depends on many factors including its own health, and whether or not it’s suited to the land on which it grows. This tree should also be appropriately cared for.

I was suffering from transplant shock and I simply knew I couldn’t survive this environment. I was a lost soul in unfamiliar territory. 

Moose meat and mashed potatoes do not sit well with a broken heart.

I could hardly see through my tears at the dining room table one evening when I decided to pack up my life for the sake of my life and drive toward Port (Hope) at six the next morning, without music or money or any idea what I would do next (beyond reconnecting with civilization). 

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