Tango at the Bone House

Ever since we’ve been going to The Bone House in Leslieville, I’ve had my eye on Tango, a plush dog toy that looks like Ivan.

My Labradoodle muppet turned three today, so on our way home from the bank, I let him walk me into The Bone House for a special birthday treat. Nothing out of the ordinary, really, except I was open to splurging on something other than his usual bully stick.
While Ivan took too long to choose his gift, more interested in cookies on the counter, the shop girl retrieved Tango by West Paw Design from the back of the store, and pointed out the uncanny resemblance between this motley beast and my dog. It’s true!
We’ve been home from The Bone House five hours, and it’s clear that Tango (although he’s now missing one eye) is Ivan’s new best friend. Not only is this furry creature fun for toss and tug of war and showing off to visitors, but Tango looks so much nicer lounging in my living room than Ivan’s collection of my old mittens and socks.
The Bone House on Queen Street East in Toronto stocks only the best quality organic food and eco-friendly (not to mention adorable) products for canines and their companions: moss and clary sage scented candles by Izola, gum rubber bones and even vintage inspired leather accessories (aka collars and leashes).
You can’t miss this shop, especially not with your Tango in tow.

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