Breakfast with a View

Unless you like lineups that smell like ketchup and make your belly snarl, don’t even try to go out for brunch in Leslieville on the weekend.
Popular brunch spots like Lady Marmalade and Bonjour Brioche are perpetually at capacity on Saturdays and Sundays, but during the week you’re likely to find a table, that is, if you haven’t already found another diner. Jim’s Restaurant is a hidden gem located at 897 Queen Street East where you can order breakfast with a view all day long for $8.
Although Jim’s Restaurant was busy at lunch hour on Tuesday, everyone had a place to eat and the single waitress didn’t lose her cool when I changed tables three times, asked for peanut butter and walked to the counter for a refill on my coffee. She was fast and friendly, but I didn’t feel rushed. Jim’s has WIFI, too, so instead I spent from noon to two nibbling on toast while I worked and watched people go in and out of this genuinely retro diner in Toronto.
Since I’m not a fan of crowds, I like that Jim’s Restaurant is a place you can go to hide (especially after the brunch rush, possibly even on weekends). It’s not hip or fancy, but the food is good and greasy and cheap. At Jim’s you can also order classic sandwiches, burgers and Greek specialties. If you don’t expect to be catered to like a queen and like a mellow environment, try Jim’s the next time your belly begs for breakfast.

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