Swipe Left

I recently went on a date with a guy I’ll call James. (I think that was his name).

We chatted on OK Cupid, talked on the phone, and decided hit Cherry Beach with our dogs. All in one day! We hung out, ate fries, and called it a night when he dropped me off on Queen by a restaurant near my house. Phew.

I liked his little ladybug tattoo, some of his philosophies on life and language (including never use the word but), BUT I wasn’t exactly impressed when he tried to kiss me, twice, and his driving scared me, a lot. Was that a reflection of his personality?

Later that night he texted me to say, “We should have hung out longer.” And do what, I’m not sure, but I wasn’t really into him, so I texted back: “And we will:) it was fun!”

Since then he invited me to Osheaga in Montreal to which I politely declined, feigning busy, and then six days later he asked: “Wanna go walk the dogs this week?”

That was nine days ago, and I never responded. I don’t know why except that there are too many ways to respond and I haven’t felt like like thinking about any of them.

“Sure, I’ll text you when I’m free.”

Or, “Yeah, I’m not really feeling it.”


I had a bad experience back in October when I told the truth to a guy I didn’t want to see romantically.

A mutual friend introduced us, we talked on the phone, met for coffee, he wasn’t my type, I went to his apartment for dinner the next night, but that was as far as I wanted it to go. So when he texted me to get together for a third time and I wrote in a PMS-y way that I was too busy to date blah blah blah, he went all WTF on me, and said is was ONLY COFFEE. JEEZ.

That made me feel pretty dumb.

As a newbie to online dating, text dating, dating in the city (and dating in general), I’m asking Cupiders and the right swipers of Tinder, what’s the nicest way to break the hearts of people you barely know?

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