Hot Dog Hunting

Lately I’ve had overwhelming cravings for the good old fashioned hot dog.
Almost every day my belly and brain conspire to feed my body with a juicy bbq’d wiener smothered in mustard and ketchup and onions, wrapped in a squishy white bun. Once I was forced to walk to Nathan Phillips Square for the savoury street meat. Then I found myself at Cherry Beach with my dog because I remembered there was a vendor near the parking lot.
Hot dogs are synonymous with cupcakes, roller-skates and good times, celebrations, special occasions – but not weddings. They take me back to Toronto Blue Jays games with my Dad and RV camping, small fires and long branches for setting marshmallows on fire. Happiness and hot dogs. I’m hungry for them both all the time.
Where I live in Toronto THERE ARE NO HOT DOGS. My nose made a conscious effort to sniff around in July during the Riverside street festival, and eventually allowed my stomach to settle on a lowly burger from Dangerous Dan’s. JK DD, it was delish!
Note. As of Saturday, Aug. 8, 2015, the new Opera House Grill features hotdogs. This is amazing! I hope it inspires a creative and open minded foodie to open a hip little hot dog joint in the east end. Near me.
I’m sure no one ever grows up dreaming of career in hot dogs, but I think there’s potential for something trendy here. A Toronto sourced sweet, savoury, and spicy version of this fun fast food would would be a hit in Riverside – a grungier alternative to fine dining, whilst higher up the scale than a brightly lit shawarma pit.
If you build it, I will come.
*Art by Robert Farmer

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