Breakfast at Mars

I’m not a morning person, so I’m often not into early brunches, especially in the beaches, far far from my home in Riverside. But it seems lately a few of my pals are diggin Sunday brunches (all over Toronto’s east end!), and by Thursday they are pushing for another get together – Eggs Benny style. 

They’re exhausted after a long shift slinging drinks and cooking until 2AM or longer. I’m just tired. It’s January, and I don’t tend to start getting dressed until 3PM. But we somehow manage to pull ourselves together before noon and into Mars (by the Queen Street facing window)! I was beginning to question whether this was worth it anymore. SO tirrrrred. Messy everything. Hair, clothing, vocabulary. 

Turns out brunch at Mars welcomes the fatigued with a laize fair attitude themselves. The long menu is far from pretentious and the vibe is fun, kind of like an upscale Denny’s (with a Jetson’s twist and no dress code). Our brunch was a mix up of toasted peanut butter and bacon sandwiches (me), fruit salads and dishes filled with variations of meat and potatoes and eggs for everyone else. Overall we had a great time, and I personally think it’s a breakfast best enjoyed with bedhead.

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