Get Hitched in Leslieville.

Ever since my part-time roommate/ex-bf told me Hitch was one of his favourite bars in Leslieville, I’ve wanted to go there. I romanticized the tiny tavern for over a year, where I imagined people like Jack Kerouac and other beatnic types waxed philosophy and read poetry by candlelight. So I was pretty excited last night to tell him I had a date there at 9:12. In 20 minutes! With a 44-year-old David Duchovny look a-like that I just met at the dog park! After totally messing up my eyebrows with black eyeliner (not the pencil I meant to use), I pulled my bangs over over my face, and asked, “How do I look?” He laughed a nervous laugh and I left for Queen Street East, taking pictures along the way. My first impression of this bar is, wow. Mark totally stood me up. My second impression was, wow. It’s totally ok to stare at a wall and daydream. It depends on where you are, I guess, but in most places you’d probably seem weird if you did this for nearly an hour. Ok, I texted Maria and Rob about my sitch at Hitch, but otherwise, I was quite content to imagine myself on a warm beach in Hawaii, thanks to their projector featuring sunsets all night long. There were only a few people in the teeny tiny tavern. Another single woman across the candlelit bar (probably also waiting for Mark), a couple of bearded hipsters and before I left, a man and woman in their late 40s or early 50s sat down. As they talked openly about their online dating profiles, I gathered Hitch is a place for everyone, perhaps especially for us singles. Kerouac or no Kerouac, it was still kind of like I imagined. 

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