Cozy at the Cottage

It was my friend Patrick’s birthday on Sunday (Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!!) so a gang of us celebrated in the beautiful old ‘Snug Room’ at Ceili Cottage. 

I couldn’t resist the urge to pull out my phone camera when the setting sun spilled onto the walls of our dark and cozy dining room. This was the sticky toffee on Patrick’s birthday pudding since he worried all day the rain would ruin his party. But there we were, basking in the glow and excited to eat. Ceili Cottage is an authentic Irish local probably best known for its traditional homestyle menu and fresh shucked oysters. 

After we shared the Shuckuterie board of cheeses, pickles, crostini and cured meats, I ordered myself a plate of six Hummocks, fat slippery oysters I piled high with a concoction of scotch bonnet and cocktail sauces. You can’t go to Ceili Cottage and not indulge in oysters. That’s what I say. But pretty much everyone else filled up on the Sunday Roast special, which also looked delicious, like a supper you’d be fed at grandmas. 

Ceili Cottage is located at 1301 Queen St E, Toronto. For more information and to view the restaurant’s full menu, visit

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