Centre of the Universe

What is The Local Rap? It’s the title of a lifestyle blog that was supposed to be all about Port Hope food, fashion, and fun! It seemed to be the thing to do. Then I moved to Toronto. While I’ve aspired to use The Local Rap to tell you about what’s going on in my neighbourhood, it’s been two years, and I’ve barely shared a word. In order to be properly in the know, one must actually go out and socialize beyond their gated dog park community. Ok, I write about swank restaurants on assignment, but I can’t plagiarize myself here.

There’s so much I could tell you, but it’s not necessarily local. I try to buy local produce, and my Chips Ahoy cookies come from the local convenience store, but I’d be lying if I told you I had the scoop on what’s happening in the hood. All I really know and care about these days is what I’m doing. Today I’m contemplating the meaning of local and trying to justify my place in the blogosphere. Tomorrow, I may be stressing over looming deadlines of real work. Halloween parties? Who cares? For now, local is my kitchen table and the world is at my fingertips.

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