Operation Affiliation

In my latest attempt to make more money as a writer, I have hired myself as an affiliate marketer for Ebay products. Wtf??

How did I not clue into this concept before?? I guess I was so busy trying to be the old-school journalist girl with a certain level of integrity to even fathom using my skills to sell products I love. But when I realized I had already lowered my standards to advertise products like HVAC appliances and security systems a few years earlier, I knew my soul had long been sold.

So here I am, practically a couple decades a journalist later, and I haven’t written any real news in over five years, except lovely and inspiring business profiles for a massive North American directory. I shouldn’t complain. Real news has always scared me. I’ve always felt so controversial as a reporter, and I still feel so improperly defined by the title: Journalist. I’m not that serious of a person. All I’ve ever really loved is writing and finding new, eloquent ways to describe what’s ordinary. At this rate, there is no great Canadian novella coming from me anytime soon. It’s still working itself out behind the scenes. Trust me.

In the meantime. I’m going to online window shop till I drop and find creative ways to share with you what I think is cool.

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