Boho (not hobo) bedding

Until now (thanks, Ebay), I hadn’t really given much consideration to what my sleep style might say about me. Truthfully, if these sheets could talk, I’d swear them to share nothing with you, beyond my sweetest dreams. I’m lucky to have a bed with heaps of pillows and cozy blankets that I share with my amazing dog, Ivan. We eat popcorn and snuggle up at night with a show on Netflix. It’s perfect. There’s not much more a girl could ask for! But dirty paws come with the package and onto the bed, on the daily, and I’ve come to accept that such will be life for at least 10 more years to come. There’s no use fighting it, my bed is fit for a dog and will always be a shade of mud. Window shopping on the internet tonight gave me a twinge of hope, though, when I found this purple kantha quilt. Purple! Not the formerly-white-now-off-white colour that was sadly growing on me. This 100% cotton fabric is durable enough for Ivan’s pillow fights and the vibrant swirl of mauves, reds, purples and pinks will hide his inevitable paw prints. It’s time to take back my sleep style (to some degree) and I think this boho bedding is a great place to start.

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