White Lily Diner

White Lily Diner -WelcomeI’ve been craving a trip to White Lily Diner since before it opened (circa December), so last week I was pretty excited by the opportunity to interview diner owners Ben and Ashley about their menu, brunch etiquette and how Toronto’s Riverside neighbourhood is like a club sandwich.

White Lily Diner - chairsI went back today during peak brunch hour to see why there’s always a lineup on Saturdays and Sundays between 10AM and 2PM. Totally worth it. If you don’t feel like waiting (max 45 mins around 11AM) for a table feel free to give the hostess your number and wander around the neighbourhood.

White Lily Diner - juice de jourYou can also wait by the door and read their daily specials, including White Lily Diner‘s fresh pressed juice du jour. This apple, kale, fennel, cucumber, mint, and lime juice is exactly what I needed given Daylight Saving Time and my inability to get to sleep last night until 6AM.

White Lily Diner - not so standardThey make their own bacon in house. Delish.

White Lily Diner - eggFor brunch, I ordered the White Lily Standard with two eggs, bacon, hashbrown and toast. The first half was exactly what I imaged: healthy, wholesome comfort food. The second half came home with me in a box. Can you say, White Lily Dinner?

White Lily Diner - hot sauceThis is the house made hot sauce I forgot to try. White Lily Diner is located at 678 Queen Street East in Toronto and open from 10AM to 10PM. In addition to brunch, the diner features pretty fab looking dinner specials, a list of classic cocktails and half price wine on Fridays. Stay tuned for the full scoop at YP.ca.

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  1. Bryan Dawe says:

    Looks scrumptious


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