NIMBY Issues

TORONTO | It’s bye bye blue skies, and hello fellow bachelors for me come 2018. I recently discovered a string of neighourhood emails about a proposed development project in my backyard!

According to my email sources, Percy Ellis Holdings is planning to build a 16-unit, 5-story rental apartment (with main floor commercial) on the empty lot north of Bonjour Brioche, without parking, for compact living and for legit NIMBY reasons I’m not in favour. If the proposal goes through, construction could begin this spring and after that, for me, it’ll be all brick and eyeballs, with absolutely no privacy or picturesque view.

Some neighbours are suggesting the building could be a future Airbnb operation as the rooms will be furnished but mostly residents are concerned about parking. As it is, they say, parking is already a nightmare in the hood with pretty much only street parking available.

“It will surely only worsen the current situation on Degrassi where residents’ parking needs compete with those of patrons of Queen Street East restaurants and watering holes,” says one local.

It’s true. Drivers are always looking for parking all over Toronto and the burgeoning east end is no different. After I sold my car in 2015 I rented my driveway at 45 Cummings (when I lived there) for $12 a night to travelers. It’s the only driveway for miles and it’s still being used by both visiting and local drivers who have no problem shelling it out for this close-proximity-to-everything convenience.

I think my current backyard would make a lovely parking lot, or park your car and loan it out like Zipcar, like RoadBnB. Or make it a little Green P to compliment the big overflowing Green P at Broadview and Queen (which will soon be impacted by the new Broadview Hotel).

Stay tuned to find out whether this development breaks ground and ruins my life or if the fine residents of Degrassi Street will take their NIMBY issues to City Hall and win. I’m in.

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