Nuit Blanche in Riverside

By Karen Lloyd

Nothing can keep me away from the vicinity of my favourite neighbourhood dog park tonight. Not even my dog.

As a person who is probably overly mindful of my ecological (and sociological) footprint, I’m particularly excited to see Alex McLeod‘s video installation for Nuit Blanche which, projected on the west facade of The Broadview Hotel, will explore themes related to rising populations, urban over-development, climate change, and technology. My jam.

Last week, I sent an email to Alex asking for a little more insight into his work, or even to comment on what it felt like to be featured at Toronto’s swankiest new hotel.

His response was short and sweet. “I think it’s important to consider not only the impact we have on the world but also the impact we have on one another.”

I couldn’t agree more.

Since Now, From Then, Location 77 of Nuit Blanche 2017, will also feature the work of several other artists including Callen Schaub, Nadine Bariteau, and Rosemary Jeffares. According to the Riverside BIA, “Together, the projects merge art and architecture, technology and nature, as well as public and private spaces to inspire visitors to reflect on the social, political, cultural and physical context of the neighborhood.”

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