Dogs Who Dose

bettyscoop-cannabisoilSeparation anxiety? Phobias? Chronic pain?

There’s a cookie for that. Toronto owned Cannacanine offers CBD treats to help dogs with all kinds of probs from seizures to skin conditions. Marc Benevenga, who started Cannacanine in 2017 for his own dog, says CBD oil from hemp is a more natural and affordable medicine than anything pharma (for both pets and their people).

And, made with all organic ingredients like honey, banana, peanut butter, unsweetened applesauce, rice flour, rosemary extract, and flaxseed, Marc adds, “There is nothing dog about these cookies.”

It’s true. I tried one on last night at Barkside Bistro in Toronto where Marc spoke to a small pack of enthusiastic dog walkers and dog owners about the benefits of CBD oil for dogs. According to Cannacanine’s CBD treats package, each biscuit contains 2.5 mg of CBD and feeding instructions vary depending on the dog’s size and health issues. Since my dog, Ivan, weighs 60 lbs and sobs like a big baby every time I leave home without him, the mofo would probably do well with two (or 10?) treats a day. These special cookies may also take care of his severe barking out the window at other dogs problem. A girl can dream.

To determine the amount of CBD your dog needs, Marc recommends dosing.

“If you see that it works, great, and if it doesn’t work, increase the dosage,” he says. “Every dog is different. Some need more, some need less.”

Since hemp contains no THC, Marc says you don’t have to worry about your dog getting all high and paranoid. Instead, they’ll feel happy, comfortable, and relaxed.

“If the dog is aggressive, CBD can reduce hostility,” he says.

If your dog happens to be a snack snob, like Ivan, Cannacanine also offers a 500 mg hemp oil tincture in a 30 ml bottle.

While CBD may not alleviate your pet’s suffering in very rare cases, Marc says it has zero negative side effects in either humans or dogs.

“If I drink this entire bottle I’m just going to go to sleep and the exact same thing is going to happen with your dog,” he says.

There’s still lots to be done in terms of scientific research but anecdotal evidence seems to indicate that dogs who dose have a much higher quality of life than dogs who don’t.

Cannacanine’s products are (legally) available at several pet stores around the city including Barkside Bistro in Leslieville.

Has your dog tried CBD oil? Tell us about it!

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