Meditate and Destroy Your T-shirt

STYLE | In case you didn’t know it, the Arts Market on Queen Street East in Toronto sells clothes!

In addition to one-of-a-kind jewelry, wall art, candles, and other must-have handcrafted items, this spacious and colourful artisan boutique features cool tees, vintage dresses, and jackets to name reasons I like to look around the Arts Market. The very nice owners also always give my dog, Ivan, a treat at the cash register so he pulls me into the store quite regularly. In January, I couldn’t resist purchasing this t-shirt by Toronto designer, Stuntin. Afterall, I had spent most of the first part of winter in my head, planning out the awesomeness that would be 2018, so the slogan resonated. I totally believe in the power of meditation and, not only positive thinking but also positive doing. You absolutely get back 100 percent from the universe what you give.

I can’t remember exactly how much the t-shirt cost (probably $25), but I can tell you it was a dark navy blue when I bought it. After a few times wearing and washing it, I finally decided the shade of blue didn’t really suit my skin tone. Then one afternoon in on a cold day in mid-Feb I bleached the fabric to see what magic might happen in my kitchen sink. After about 30 long minutes, the t-shirt turned this strange shade of brown even though I was hoping for purple. I still like the tee a lot, and will probably wear it almost every day this summer, but I may continue to work the colour a little more. Apparently, Rit Dye works wonders and can be purchased for next to nothing on eBay. I was looking into dyes earlier in April to deal with my mud covered Converse sneakers, a pair that I obviously tried too hard to break in several years ago.

Somewhere I read you can also dye textiles with watered down acrylic paint (which I have a few tubes of). Is this true? If you know any tips or tricks for dying fabric, I’d love to hear from you! If you want your very own “I will meditate and then destroy you” t-shirt, visit the Arts Market in Toronto’s Riverside neighbourhood at 790 Queen Street East. They’re still available and you can even get a sweatshirt version, too.

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