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Pen at Work

It is with great sorrow that I lay to rest my Seven Year Pen after only seven months. Unlike other pen brands I've owned, my styling pink Unicorn-Pen by Seltzer Goods was always in sight, a quiet muse on my desk,... Continue Reading →

Eat My Words, Toronto

Along Queen Street East in Riverside you'll find more food per square foot than any other neighbourhood in Toronto. Not really, but maybe? You can dine Middle Eastern style at Tabule, or chow down on mac and cheese at Prohibition.... Continue Reading →

Garlic Scape and Pillage

When Edward Levesque told me about his scapes, I said, "Capers?""No. Garlic scapes," he said more clearly, explaining the condiment is a pickled alternative to your caesar's stale celery stick. Edward has a wall of these snake-like veggies in jars... Continue Reading →

Cozy at the Cottage

It was my friend Patrick's birthday on Sunday (Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!) so a gang of us celebrated in the beautiful old 'Snug Room' at Ceili Cottage. I couldn't resist the urge to pull out my phone camera when the setting... Continue Reading →

A compilation of diners on Queen Street East

Away from the crowds and full of sunshine, Toronto's east end diners and greasy spoon restaurants are growing on me.

Bikes are for Bums

A self-admitted wintertime recluse, I don't particularly like being outdoors between November and March  for work (or pleasure, for that matter). It's not that I don't want to see you. It's that I don't want you to see me, most... Continue Reading →

Get Hitched in Leslieville.

Ever since my part-time roommate/ex-bf told me Hitch was one of his favourite bars in Leslieville, I’ve wanted to go there. I romanticized the tiny tavern for over a year, where I imagined people like Jack Kerouac and other beatnic... Continue Reading →

Breakfast at Mars

I’m not a morning person, so I’m often not into early brunches, especially in the beaches, far far from my home in Riverside. But it seems lately a few of my pals are diggin Sunday brunches (all over Toronto’s east... Continue Reading →

Animal Cruelty Bites

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